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About Us

The Hands of Christ in Siskiyou County

  For over one hundred and twenty-five years, Episcopalians have been worshiping God and serving the communities of Siskiyou County.  As the local Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement, St. Barnabas looks forward to creative and exciting ways to  continue that tradition in the years to come.

Our Story

St. Barnabas is a congregation of The Episcopal Church, which is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion, a fellowship of national churches in thirty-eight countries around the globe, all with historic ties to the Church of England.

We understand the spiritual journey to be a life-long process of conversion, discipline, renewal and deepening commitment, and we trust that the Spirit of God is at work in the every aspect of that journey.


In our approach to other people, toward other faith traditions, and toward controversial issues, Episcopalians strive to be broad rather than narrow-minded, inclusive rather than exclusive, making room for one another within a community of faith and supporting one another in our individual faith journey.

Read More of St. Barnabas's 130 year history in Siskiyou County

Our Leadership


Rev. Mark G. Dibelka, Deacon in Charge.

doug head2_edited.jpg

Doug Hogin

Senior Warden

Patsy Headshot.jpg

Patsy Wellman

Junior Warden

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